TRL - online TOC Analyzer

Unique dual temperature zone furnace design assures complete combustion of carbon and nitrogen containing species while preserving catalyst lifetime.

Our distinctive furnace design with two separate temperature zones ensures the thorough burning of carbon and nitrogen compounds, while simultaneously prolonging the lifespan of the catalyst.

The online TOC system by TRL Instruments offers the capability to measure both Total Carbon (TC) and Total Nitrogen (TNb) simultaneously using its optional TN module. The design of the TRL-onlineTOC Analyzer is geared towards simplifying maintenance procedures.


For Drinking and Process Water

TRL- online TOC 100

For Surface and Ground Water

TRL-Online TOC 1000

For Waste Water and De-icing Water

TRL-Online TOC 50000


Here are some features of
TRL- online TOC Analyzer
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Simultaneous Nitrogen Measurement Option

Simultaneous TC and TNb measurements with optional TN module is possible.
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Well-Coordinated Mechanical Design

All are packed in a simple box.
TRL-Online TOC Analyzer has an independent rack for all the chemicals including DI water.
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Low Cost Of Operation

Long catalyst service life as well as extended life of consumable items allow maintenance free 80 days or more unattended operation, based on hourly monitoring.
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High Accuracy and Repeatability

Unique Dual Temperature Zone Furnace design assures complete combustion of allcarbon and nitrogen containing compounds.
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Inorganic Carbon (IC) Option

By air sparging and acidification, IC measurement with NDIR detector is also an option.
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Dual Zone Furnace Design

Unique Dual Temperature Zone Furnacedesign assures complete combustion of all carbon and nitrogen containing compounds.


6- Port Multi
Sampling Option

Total Bound Nitrogen
(TNb) Option

Inorganic Carbon
(IC) Option


Compliant with standard methods
5310B, EPA 415.1, ISO8245:1999, DIN1484:1997
%3 of the reading; within ±2% of the range
Sample Pressure
1 to 2 bar
Furnace Temperature
600°C to 1000°C; Two Zones
(seperately adjustable)
Carrier gas
Hydrocarbon and CO2 free air at 2 to 6 bar; adjustable flow rate between 200 to 500mL/min
Ambient Conditions
Relative Humidity (non-condensing): 20 to 80%
Ambient Temperature: 5°C to 40°C
Standard Communication
4 to 20 mA
230 VAC 50/60 Hz; 1700VA, 110 V optional
NEMA 4/IP54 compliant; wall mount or floorstanding
Dimensions (HWD):
160 x 60 x 53 cm
135 kg