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Analyzers for determination of carbon, carbon species and nitrogen in soil, sludge, biomass, fertilizer, foodstuff, sheet metals, surface drinking  waste, discharge water, coal and minerals and alike matrixes.

Pilot and lab scale reaction systems, incorporating upstream and downstream conditioning, reaction   sorption and analysis units. Likely applications are catalyst research, development, sorption studies, reaction kinetics studies, materials development for sequestration

Pilot and lab scale bioprocess  fermentation systems are customized according to customer needs and applications to provide the best solutions. Likely applications are cell culture, biofuel processing, microbial fermentation, waste treatment, biopolymer production and biogas production from biomass.

Long life analyzers that have limited drift for quality contolling and monitoring of total organic carbon in process water, tap water, river water, lakes, drinking water, municipal and industrial waste water.

Analysis and research equipment for
a better environment and better future

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