Online TOC Analayzer



the monitor is designed for continuous operation

Measured Parameters

TC  by operator's selection
TOC by operator's selection
IC optional additions
TN optional additions

Dual Zone High Temperature Combustion Technology

the higher temperature zone is adjustable between 600-1000°C

Setting TOC Range

Range is set from 0-5mg/L to 0-1,000mg/L TOC, operator adjustable. 1000mg/L TOC is achieved without dilution of the sample

Limit of Detection

0.1 mgC

Measuring method

High Temperature Catalytic Oxidation (HTCO); TOC is analyzed by direct NPOC measurement, IC removal is achieved by air sparging and acidification

CO2 Measuring

sensor for carbon analysis is nondispersive infrared detector (NDIR)

Analysis Cycle Time

Depends on number of wash cycles, however it is arranged by the operator; nominally between 5 to 20 minutes


Samples at 1 to 2 bar-absolute are introduced without problem, by getting use of internal sampling pump

Air Flow Rate

Operator adjustable and nominally about 200mL/min,

Sample Temperature

5°C to 50°C is affordable

Carrier Gas

Hydrocarbon and CO2 free air at 2-6 bar


90 kg

Power Requirement

230 VAC 50/60 Hz; 1200VA

Data Storage and Data Presentation

up to 9999 recent results should be saved and stored, on the basis of "first in first out" method; graphical trend presentation is available on the display and initiated by the operator

Standard Data Output


Price adder Digital Output Options

RS232, RS485, Profibus

Price adder Analog Output Options

0-5VDC, 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA analog output

Dimensions (HWD)

138x70x36cm, including wall mount and hanging attachments


via airfreight. The equipment is packed in a wooden cradle

Start- up Kit

included in the standard pack, for immediate commissioning to operate the instrument at site, for limited number of runs, however a consumables kit is recommended for a year of smooth operation

Ambient Temperature

between 5°C and 50°C is good for proper operation

Waste Liquid Disposal

achieved automatically by peristaltic pump

Fluid Flow Controls

fluid flow for accurate and repeatable injection is achieved through 3 peristaltic pumps plus a 6-port solenoid driven valve

Lifelong remote support



NEMA 4 / IP54 compliant and either wall mount or floor standing use is possible

Compliance with Standard Methods

5310 B Total Organic Carbon, TOC; by USA Standard Methods Committee, Joint Task Team, 2000
EPA 415.1 Total Organic Carbon, TOC, in Water
ISO 8245:1999 Water Quality Guidelines
DIN EN 1484:1997
TS 8195 EN 1484 Water Quality, TOC and Dissolved Organic Carbon, DOC, Analysis Guidelines
Method 9060A TOC in Ground water, surface and saline waters, domestic and industrial wastes
ASTM D 2579 Standard Test Method for TOC in water, 2002

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