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TRL- TC Analyzer

Analyzer for faster & easier solid sample carbon analysis

TRL-TC Analyzer is engineered to provide rapid and accurate solid carbon analysis, catering to a wide range of applications with exceptional precision and efficiency.

Advanced Analytical Performance for Diverse Applications

The TRL-TC Analyzer combines state-of-the-art technology with robust engineering to deliver precise and reliable solid carbon analysis. Ideal for analyzing industrial waste, environmental samples, soil, biomass, and metal surfaces, this analyzer ensures accurate results, supporting diverse applications and helping you maintain compliance with industry standards.

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Key Features of
TRL- online TOC Analyzer



High Accuracy and Repeatability

Dual temperature zone furnace ensures complete combustion of carbon compounds, accurately analyzing large samples up to 7 grams.


Avant-garde Software Properties

Innovative software logs events and allows full control of measurement parameters through a user-friendly interface.


Low Cost of

Long catalyst life up to 2000 runs and extended consumable life support maintenance-free operation.


Surface Carbon Measurement

Measures surface carbon to detect oil residues on metal surfaces with automated isothermal conditions.


Wide Variety of Applications

A variety of parameters can be determined for a variety of sample types, such as solid, liquid, sludge, metal sheet, foil, rod, solid waste, biomass, organic and mineral samples.


Solid Sample Automation (AS) Option

30 positions of quartz sample boats are available for solid sample automation. Built-in autosampler unit provides multi-sample sequence runs.

    Application Notes

    TOC Measurement of Industrial Waste Samples by TRL-TOC09/01/2022
    TOC Measurement of Unkown Salt Samples by TRL-TOC26/09/2021
    TOC Measurement of Unkown Solid Samples by TRL-TOC20/02/2021
    TOC Measurement of Soil Samples by TRL-TOC05/07/2018



    Without Auto-Sampler

    TRL-TC Single Shot (SS)

    30 Positions Solid Auto-Sampler

    TRL-TC with Autosampler (AS)