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TRL-Online TOC Analyzer

Analyzer to help achieving cleaner and safer water

TRL-Online TOC Analyzer is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and repeatability in total organic carbon (TOC) analysis, supporting various applications in water quality monitoring and environmental protection.

Advanced Analytical Performance for Diverse Applications

The TRL-Online TOC Analyzer combines state-of-the-art technology with robust engineering to provide precise and reliable total organic carbon analysis. Ideal for monitoring drinking water, surface and ground water, and wastewater, this analyzer ensures accurate results, helping you maintain compliance with environmental standards and safeguard public health.

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Key Features of
TRL- online TOC Analyzer



High Accuracy and Repeatability

Unique Dual Temperature Zone Furnace design assures complete combustion of allcarbon and nitrogen containing compounds.


Avant-garde Software Properties

The innovative software enables full control of measurement parameters, result checks, maintenance tracking, and digital data storage from the control room.


Well-Coordinated Mechanical Design

All are packed in a simple box. TRL-Online TOC Analyzer has an independent rack for all the chemicals including DI water.


Inorganic Carbon (IC) Option

By air sparging and acidification, IC mea- surement with an NDIR detector is also an option. TRL-onlineTOC Analyzer serves for what you need.


Low Cost Of Operation

Long catalyst service life as well as extended life of consumable items allow maintenance free 80 days or more unattended operation, based on hourly monitoring.

    Application Notes

    TOC Measurement of Surface Water by TRL-OnlineTOC200017/12/2023
    TOC Measurement of MDL by TRL-OnlineTOC200017/12/2023
    TOC Measurement of Low Concentrations by TRL-OnlineTOC15016/11/2023
    TOC Measurement of Drinking Water by TRL-OnlineTOC15016/11/2023
    TOC Measurement of Unkown Liquid Sample by TRL-OnlineTOC15028/03/2022


    *Customized range options available, please consult us.


    Drinking and Process Water

    TRL- onlineTOC 150

    Surface and Ground Water

    TRL-onlineTOC 2000

    Waste Water and De-icing Water

    TRL-onlineTOC 50000 / 70000