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Process Engineering

Innovative solutions for customized needs

TRL Instruments provides advanced process engineering solutions, enabling clients to bring their innovative ideas to life. We excel at adapting to market changes and prioritize reducing carbon footprints, supporting industries in achieving sustainability goals.

Who Our Services Target

Our services cater to a wide range of sectors including academia and industries such as aerospace, defense, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, mining, food and beverage, energy, water treatment, glass manufacturing, agricultural chemicals, biomass processing, and waste disposal. We actively collaborate with organizations aiming for decarbonization.


Our Specialized Systems and Expertise

While bound by NDAs, we share generic descriptions of specialized systems



Upstream Conditioning

Prepares feed materials for optimal process control (flow, temperature, pressure, etc.).


Downstream Conditioning

Ensures product quality post-process with separation and purification techniques.


Lab to Pilot Scale

Risk assessment and design for scaling up from lab to commercial production.


Biological Reaction System

Customized reactors for various research and industrial applications.


Catalysis R&D

Catalyst test systems for enhancing energy efficiency and sustainable production.


Data Acquisition, Control & Analysis (DAC&A)

Real-time monitoring and control for efficiency and safety in chemical processes.

    Process Engineering

    Complete Application Packages

    EX-Proof Reaction SystemFlow Control Systems (MFCS)
    Automotive Exhaust Gas AnalysisVOC Gas Simulation and Analysis
    Airplane Engine Exhaust Gas SamplingCatalytic Ignition Testing
    Pilot-scale Polymerization PlantsOxyfuel Combustion
    High Temperature Polymer DecompositionMicrobial Fermentation Systems
    Protective Clothing Material Permeation TestingBioreactors for Biopolymer Conversion
    Thermal Insulation Ablation Testing

    Comprehensive Services

    Our services span the entire project lifecycle.



    TRL Instruments is ISO9001-2015, 14001, and 18001 certified.

    • Needs and project description
    • System design and detailed process design
    • Instrumentation and piping
    • Equipment installation and testing
    • Staff training and system startup
    • Maintenance and upgrades
    • Documentation and safety guidelines
    Process Engineering

    Collaboration Management

    Our structured approach ensures efficient project execution and customer satisfaction. Our collaboration process involves;

    Preliminary Meetings

    Discussing ideas and system requirements.

    System Description and Approval

    Getting customer approval for preliminary design and price quotation.

    Detail Design and Technical Meetings

    Finalizing design and documentation.

    Installation and Commissioning

    Installing and optimizing the system, followed by project closure.

      We believe that successful collaboration with our partners is key to delivering exceptional solutions. Discover how we deliver tailored solutions at every stage of the process.
      Our Collaboration Process