Analytica 2016

Analytica 2016

May 2016  -  Munich / Germany

Arablab 2016

Arablab 2016

March 2016 - Dubai / United Arab Emirates

China International Scientific Instrument
and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition.

23-25 April 2015  -  China

China Tianjin University
Laboratory Equipment Exhibition

April 2015 - China

Arablab 2017

Arablab 2017

March 2017 - Dubai / United Arab Emirates

Carbon analysis in solids by high temperature combustion technique under air flow

"Carbon Speciation and Nitrogen Analysis in Soil and Other Solid Samples" Arablab 2017

Arablab 2017
Arablab 2016
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Features and customization opportunities in bioreaction systems

"Multi-Vessel Bioreaction System with Software Control and SIP Capability"  Arablab 2016


Arablab 2015

March 2016 - Dubai / United Arab Emirates

L.Gupta  - B.Atamer

We visited Brasten Analytical in Bangkok, who is assigned as distributor of our
TRL-onlineTOC analyzers within the territory of South East Asia.

We presented our company and products to the participants of sub distributors meeting and also participated the environment and water exhibition. We believe that our TRL-onlineTOC-B analyzer will have a chance in market with its competitive and high performance features.

Analysis and research equipment for
a better environment and better future

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