TOC Analyzer for Solid Samples but also handling Water Samples,
with Built-in Autosampler

TRL-TOC-S-C is a unique TOC Analyzer with its following features:

- It can handle large sample size up to 7 g

- It has automated sample loading mechanism so that the operator just needs to place the sample in a boat place it on the
   sample tray

- It can analyze from 0 to 100% carbon concentration

- It can handle liquid samples in the same sample boat

- Integrated manual IC unit allows TOC=TC-IC calculation

- Integrated 30 sample capacity Autosampler allows uninterrupted full automation

- TN unit based on chemiluminescence detector can be integrated to obtain TC/TOC+TN results in a single run


These features are achieved by following design characteristics:

- Air flow controlled by mass flow controller

- Various flow rates for low and high concentrations

- Dual zone furnace design


Various samples of different characteristics are analyzed in TRL-TOC-S-C. Some results are given below:

- Farin (raw meal in cement industry)

- Chicken farm wastes

- Compost

- Soil

- Leader

- Biomass

- 3-5 g particulate and oil containing water


Detailed application notes are available upon request, for each sample type. Please inquire via e-mail.
More information is available in the PRODUCTS menu.

TC   9-12%

TC   35%

TC   41-54%TN   1-1.8%

TC   750ppm-40%TN   1.5-2.5%

TC   15-18%

TC   21-48%IC   0.3-1.7%TOC   21-48%

TOC   13-20%

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