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Our Story

Our journey is initiated by our sister company, TERRALAB Inc., in 2007. It is defined by a strong commitment to advancing in environmental protection.

Over the years, our efforts and dedication have earned recognition and support from prestigious organizations such as the Ministry of Industry, KOSGEB, METU Technopolis, and TUBITAK. This unwavering dedication to innovation has not only led us to win technology awards and patents but also to the development of advanced Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers capable of analyzing both solid and liquid samples.


In revolutionizing water quality monitoring, we have standard products in the market. Our devices elevate efficiency and precision in carbon analysis to a new level.

You can optionally measure the parameters like TOC, TIC, TC, DOC, even TN with our analyzers measuring in the ranges from 0-150 ppm to a staggering 70,000 ppm. Our newly evolved online-TOC Analyzer stands out in its league. Equipped with our patented High-Temperature Combustion Technology, this analyzer offers unparalleled precision in applications for drinking water, process water, and de-icing water analysis. With our own long-lasting catalyst and minimal maintenance requirements, we redefine versatility in carbon analysis and provide solutions that comply with industry standards.

What really sets us apart is our deep commitment to customization. Our team of skilled and well-equipped experts excels in developing reaction systems specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your laboratory and pilot-scale projects. From reaction engineering to catalysis research, to environmental monitoring, we offer a broad range of options. Our custom-designed upstream and downstream conditioning units, and analysis units, provide precision and adaptability tailored to your specific requirements.

As we get experienced in the industry, our product portfolio has broadened to encompass gas mixers, custom-designed reaction and catalysis characterization equipment, benchmarking tools, fermenters, and bioreactors customized for research and small-scale production. Our goal is to enhance our current global footprint, with installation bases at several countries such as Azerbaijan, China, Pakistan, India, Qatar, UAE, Poland, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

We don’t hesitate to proclaim our success in solving many complex and challenging problems in the projects within our expertise, achieving significant milestones.

In the defense industry, we pride ourselves on delivering state-of-art oxyacetylene ablation testing systems, complying with ASTM E285 standard. Through our tailor-made offerings, customers can be confident in achieving precision, reliability, and effectiveness when testing thermal insulation materials in extreme conditions.

We're not just about instruments; we're about propelling your projects into the future. Our cutting-edge technology and expert engineering are here to serve you.

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