Process Design

Reaction systems are designed and manufactured based on the users' needs such as studying a reaction kinetics at laboratory and pilot scale, catalyst screening or development. We offer TRL-RXN systems as it will provide best solution to your applications.

TRL-RXN systems consist of four main units such as upstream conditioning, reaction/sorption, downstream conditioning and analysis.

Plug Flow Reactor and Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor in our portfolio and these are for student laboratories in chemical engineering departments of colleges and universities.

PFR systems are designed to monitor a liquid phase reaction taking place in tubular reactor. Maximum versatility, ease of use. Operator adjustable reactor temperature. Operator adjustable reactant flow rate and concentration are basic features. All wetted parts are either PTFE or SS316.

TRL-CSTR system is designed to monitor a liquid phase reaction taking place in a stirred tank. Maximum versatility ease of use operator adjustable reaction temperature and reactant flow rates are the basic features. Wetted parts are PTFE and pyrex glass.

Upstream Conditioning Unit

Following functions are performed here:

-  Flow rate control through mass flow control valves or
    volumetric flow adjustment valves for both liquid and gas samples

-  Controlled gas blending for desired reactants composition or
    calibration of analyzers

-  Controlled vapor generation

-  Preheating or cooling of the feed to desired temperatures
-  Pressure control

-  Sofware controlled flow profile option

Reaction/Sorption Unit

Following functions are performed here:

-  Fixed bed, fludized bed, plug flow, continuous stirring and batch
   reactors with regard to application area

-  Quartz, pyrex, stainless steel reactors from lab scale to pilot scale

-  Multizone temperature control

-  Horizontal and vertical reactor options

-  Software or manual temperature control

-  Sofware controlled temperature profile option

-  Pressure control

Downstream Conditioning Unit

Following functions are performed here:

-  Temperature control of the reaction products

-  Drying and gas-liquid separation

-  Mass flow measurement

-  Mist separation

-  Flow rate control


Example of upstream conditioning unit for a custom designed reaction system that contains gas mixture preparing by software control and prehetaing of this mixture before reaction

Analysis Unit

Following functions are performed here:

-  Reactants and product characterization based on many techniques, including mass spectrometry, nondispersive infrared, TCD, FID, GC and chemiluminescence detectors.
-  Integrated with a properly designed reaction products conditioning unit for pressure, flow, temperature and composition conditioning
-  Fast data acqusition and quantitative result calculation and presentationvia software

Examples of different custom designed reaction systems

Monitoring and Control

Following functions are performed here:

-  Temperature control by software or individual controllers

-  Sofware controlled temperature profile option

-  Sofware controlled flow profile option

-  Fast data acquisition software

-  Sofware controlled flow and temperature profile option

-  Integrated software for data presentation and reporting

-  Export to external data analysis software e.g. Excel

-  Safe startup and shutdown of the system through the software


Syngas monitoring (CH4, CO, H2) system that contains gas conditioning unit and software controlled analyzer data collection

Wide Range Of Applications

Catalysis Research/Development

We offer reaction systems that can be designed for your catalyst research applications such as catalyst screening and development, catalytic activity and selectivity testing, TPD,TPR, TPO, TPRxn experiments, that requires control of flow rate, temperature, pressure, upstream conditions, for both heterogenous and homogenous catalyst types.

Sorption Studies

Parameters such as temperature, pressure, gas concentrations are very important in sorption studies such as sorbent material development, hydrogen sorption, CO2 sequestration. We can design and manufacture sorption systems based on years of experience.

Example of a custom designed catalyst screening test system that contains software controlled conditioning units for up and down stream, two zone temperature contolled reactor, which can be adjusted both vertical and horizontal, and gas analysis unit


Example of a downstream conditioning unit including rate, moisture indicator, halogen scrubber, mist trap, L/V separation and membrane drying equipment

Reaction Kinetics

Our reaction systems can be the best solution for applications related to reaction kineticts that are linked to the parameters such as temperature, concentration of reactants, flow rate of reactants and reactor type.


Example of a custom designed sorption system that contains software controlled conditioning units for up and down stream,sorption and gas analysis unit

Application Areas of Our Products

Bioreaction Systems / Fermenters

Pilot and lab scale bioreaction/fermantation systems that customized according to customer demands to provide best solution for the
customers applications such as cell culture, biofuel, microbial fermentation, waste treatment, biopolymers, biogas.

Reaction / Sorption Systems

Pilot and lab scale reaction systems, which can contain upstream and downstream conditioning, reaction/sorbtion and analysis unit with regard to customer needs, for catalyst research/ development, sorption studies and reaction kinetics.

Carbon and Nitrogen Analyzers

Excellent and unique analyzers for analysis soil, sludge, biomass, fertilizer, foodstuff, sheet metals, water, coal and minerals for total carbon, total organic carbon, residual organic carbon, surface carbon, inorganic carbon and total nitrogen parameters.

Online TOC-Monitoring Analyzers

Long life analyzers that have high repeability for quality contolling and monitoring of total organic carbon in process water, tap water, river water, lakes, drinking water, municipal and industrial waste water.

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onlineTOC Catalog




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