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TRL-online TOC-hSS

This is a model for samples containing high Total Suspended Solids.
The rest of the features are similar to the standard online TOc model instrument


High Total Suspended Solids.TRL-onlineTOC-hSS

Online TOC Analyzer for samples, containing very high amount of and large particles, is called
TRL-onlineTOC-hSS implying hi-TSP version.

This configuration has been proved to fit into the requirements of waste water treatment plants. Following features are unique in the hi-TSP version of our online TOC monitor:

 . Handle samples containing particulate matter up to 5 grams per liter and particle size up to 600 um
 . Long catalyst service life
 . Easy maintenance
 . Easy integration of TN analysis function, simultaneously with TC/TOC
 . Special configuration to display COD instead of TOC,
  by using operator adjustable factor

Hi and large solid containing samples are handled by the unique pumping-dosing configuration, invented by our engineering team.

We are prepared to test samples in our factory, to report back and assure suitability of our  TRL-onlineTOC-hSS.

onlineTOC Monitor

This is the standard model and have various range options. It can be configured as to analyze TOC/TC or TOC/TC and or TOC/TC and IC. TN parameter can be added as an option to all the varieties.

Online TOC Analyzer is designed for monitoring

industrial process water quality to control and monitor   heating or cooling water quality to quantify and qualify the efficiency of water treatment

The Catalyst lasts at least 1500 runs; because it runs at relatively lower temperature and there is no direct contact with the sample but rather vapors and gas coming after high temperature zone

TC and TOC measurements are standard in all configurations. The user makes a choice to monitor either TC or TOC, in this case. TC, TOC, IC configuration allows the user to choose to monitor either TC only or simultaneous TOC and IC in the same run.TN function is an adder on top of both configuration, that allow simultaneous measurement of TC+TN or TOC+TN or TOC+IC+TN in the same run.

Features of TRL-online TOC Analyzer

Accurate dosing of sample into the furnace by metering pump, therefore very high repeatability.

.  Wide concentration coverage and flexible configurations for wide range of applications,  including drinking water, process water, municipal and industrial waste water.

.  Special configration option for high - TSP (Total Suspended Particulates) samples, like 3 or 5g/L TSP  loading; up to 600 µ particle size.
.  Self gas and liquid leakage check during operation.
.  Alarms in case of leakage, poor air quality, Lack of acid, D1 water and sample inflow.



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