Total Carbon (TC),
Total Organic Carbon (TOC),
Inorganic Carbon (IC),
Total Nitrogen (TN) Analyzer


TC/IC/TOC/TN Analyzer


Analyzers are designed for analysis of:

.  Heterogeneous samples like sludge, wood,soil, solid waste, biomass and foodstuff
.  Landfill eluates
.  Large sample size up to 12 mL (equivalent to 9 gr soil)
.  High carbon and nitrogen content up to 500 mgC and 30 mgN
.  Liquid samples with high dissolved and/or suspended solids content
.  Industrial waste water
.  Foodstuff
.  Surface water


Total Carbon(TC), Total Organic Carbon(TOC), Inorganic Carbon(IC) and Total Nitrogen analysis,On: Solid samples, Sludge,   Non-flowing semi-fluid samples, High-carbon and/or nitrogen containing samples Can run up to 9 grams sample of solid and non-flowing nature and up to 12mL water samples.



.  Solid and liquid samples on the same autosampler tray
.  Automated and built-in acid dosing on solid and liquid samples for IC
.  Patented 2-zone furnace design


Analysis TC, IC and TN on all samples including, regardless of either solid, liquid or non-flowing samples

Acidification of the sample is automatic by the software in IC  analysis. Condensate drenage is automatic by the software, no need to wory about including maintenance

Consumables catalyst, quartz wool, copper and tin are for minimum 2000 runs. Combustion occurs in the patented double-furnace system that assures complete oxidation of carbon into CO2 and nitrogen into NO.

Software is orginally developed for TRL-TOC and very much user friendly allowing ease of use. Report pages are configured according to the needs of the laboratory and by the initiative of the laboratory manager. Laboratory manager can assign different levels of authorities for the laboratory person to protect the  data, the methods and the reports

TRL-TOC Software Screenshot
Operator observes the detector signal graphically and numerically, during the run period. This helps in diagnoses of the analysis cycle, as needed. Repeat analysis as many as the operator likes, is possible. Prior to each repeat, the software requires sample weight / volume entry.

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