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Reactions Systems


With Gas Analysis System



Bioreactors according to the customer needs as well as standart configurations are available Reactions under aerobic or anaerobic conditions can be studied in our bioreaction systems. Online gas analyzers may be integrated into the system for the desired gas parameters. If the gas flow rate is too slow, then tedlar bags can further be integrated into the system to collect gas samples at certain time intervals for later analysis.

Multi reactor system configuration is possible Gas flow rate can be measured and recorded. Parameters in liquid phase, including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, redox can be monitored continuously real time.

Control feedback from these sensors can be made available through the software. pH control by acid and base pumping, heater and cooler operation for temperature control, air and nitrogen flow for DO control, etc. can easily be integrated into the system.

Independent fast feed and discharge as well as slow transfer either between the reactors or from a feed stock and or to a dicharge is possibly programmed.

Fast discharge of non flowing reaction products is possible through a spherical valve installed at the bottom plate. Integration of either a direct coupled or magnetically coupled top winding, high torque stirrer is possible, to be controlled through the software.

More than one reactor can be configured to run simultaneously in parallel or successively, controlled by the same software. Real time monitoring of the status of the system, trend presentation of monitored parameters are available through the computer display. All the system is software controlled that operates on Windows. Safe start-up and shot-down through the software is already built in. In case of power failure during the operation the system software takes the system into safe mode.

Unique Features (OPTIONS)

.  External circulation or dip heating options
.  Different reactor volume.
.  Possibility of selecting different reactor material: Pyrex glass, stainless steel, PTFE
.  Full computer controll
.  Use of Tedlar bags just for sampling (analysis can be made later)
.  Multi reactor system Single or parallel or serial configuration
.  Parameters monitoring: pH, Cond., ORP, DP, Temp, Ions, gas production stirrer speed


TRL-RXN-BIO Software  "Run Task"  screenshot

TRL-RXN-BIO Software "Manual Operations" screenshot

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