Bioreactors may also be the part of our reactors product line. These might also be made of stainless steel or glass or PTFE, may include various sensors like pH, DO, ORP, foam, level, temperature, temperature range might be according to the needs, a stirrer might be integrated into the system. A windows based software is available to control the system.

TRL-RXN-BIO Bioreactor Multi reactor system configuration is possible Gas flow rate can be measured and recorded. Parameters in liquid phase, including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, redox can be monitored continuously real time.

TRL-TOC Model Analyzers

This is a single shot TOC Analyzer. It can be configured to do just TC or TC and IC. TN parameter can be added as well to have both TC and TN results in the same run.

TRL-TOC-M Model analyzers

This is a  plarform analyzer based on modularity concept. IT can be configured to run only liquid samples or only solid samples or both. TN is always possible to include. Automation for liquid samples and solid samples or both is possible.

Reaction systems may be comprising gas conditioning units and liquid vapor mixing up and downstream of the reactor, TRL-MFCS Mass flow control station, mass or volumetric control valves and vapor generators, heated lines, coolers, condensers, gas-liquid separators, TRL-GA Gas analysis system or other makes of gas analyzers, valve control electronics, temperature controllers, data acquisition electronics and software. May be intergral part of the system

Two of our standars reaction systems are TRL-RXN-PFR Plug Flow Reactor and TRL-RXN-CSTR Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor for student laboratories in chemical engineering departments of colleges and universities. You may visit related pages by clicking  PFR / CSTR
You may also get more information on custom designed reaction systems by clicking CUSTOM


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