We also manufacture on-line analyzers for waste  water, surface water, drinking water, process water for TOC, COD, TN, IC parameters

Municipalities / Local Authorities:
Industrial zone operators, domestic, industrial and hazardous waste disposal operation Up and downstream monitoring of domestic waste water treatment, and drinking water treatment plants

Industrial Customers:
Solid and hazardous waste disposal processing, food and fertilizer industries, syngas/biogas producing industries and biomass sectors Any industry running boilers and therefore analyzing boiler feed water, process water; waste water monitoring

Private Contract Laboratories:
Serving for environmental, soil, fertilizers and food analysis

We manufacture laboratory analyzers for soil, sludge and biomass fertilizer, foodstuff, water, coal and minerals for total carbon, TOC, carbonates, total nitrogen IC parameters

Followings are our customers for our TOC analyzers:
Academia / Universities:
Chemical, environmental engineering and chemistry departments

Research Institutes:
Working on soil research, solid waste characterization, syngas / biogas and biomass research

Ministry Laboratories:
Ministry of industry, agriculture, environment
Water basin, surface water, rivers monitoring departments


Ecological and environmental
analysis and research

- Carbon and nitrogen content of soil, ferlitizer and
  wood parts

- Carbon and nitrogen content of sediments

- Carbon and nitrogen analysis in surface and
  waste water

- Carbon and nitrogen analysis in solid waste

- Carbon analysis in hazardous waste

- Carbon analysis in landfill leachate

- TOC in waste streams

- TOC in waste-treatment plants

- Water basin monitoring

Analysis and research equipment for a better environment and better future

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