Teknovasyon Prize

We started our activities in 2007, initiated by our sister company, to devote our work for development of equipment and processes for environmental protection and agricultural productivity. Since then, we stayed within the main body of our sister company, however initiated self standing spin off since early 2015.

We have ran quite a number of projects, supported by Ministry of Industry, SME Institute (KOSGEB), METU Technopolis, Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute  (TUBITAK), won technology awards, raised patents and ended up with unique TOC analyzer for solids and liquid sample analysis, gas blenders, custom designed reaction and catalysis characterization and benchmarking equipment and fermenters, bioreactors for research and small scale production, in the meantime initiating global distribution of these products.

Currently, we have an installation base including Azerbaijan, China, Pakistan,  India, Qatar, UAE, Poland and Turkey and contact base covering about 50 countries, as per end of 2016. We are looking forward expanding our geographical coverage.


TRLInstruments Process and Equipment Technologies; Development Design and Manufacturing Company


Central Trade Registration System
Registry Number: 0839053599600018

Ankara Chamber of Commerce
Registry Number: 276107

Tax Office - Tax Number:
Doganbey VD - 8390535996


1328.Cadde, Demirağ Apt. No: 14/5
06460  Aşağı Öveçler -Çankaya / Ankara

T:  +90 (312) 472 73 96
T:  +90 (312) 210 01 20
F:  +90 (0312) 472 73 98
E:  info@trlinstruments.com

Quality Policy


Our firm performs product and process development design and production for people undertaking research, production and analysis activities in the fields of reaction engineering, sorption studies, catalysis research, environmental measurements and bio-processes. Our firm with these activities makes its contribution to preserving the energy resources of the future and process development and the protection of the environment.

Our firm sees it as an obligation to continuously develop its quality system established with an awareness of the requirements of national and international laws and regulations and to continuously provide thorough services.

Our firm with all of our staff interacts openly and honestly with its clients and providers being bound by universal ethical values being a common worth of the mankind and operates with an understanding of responsibility. Its clients and its providers are the long term business partners of our firm. Providing client and provider satisfaction is the strategic goal of TRL instruments.

Our firm promises the tested and operationally proven products in conformity with the relevant commitment, the most comprehensive maintenance and repair and support services to all its clients and continuously provides for the realisation of the same.

Our staff constitutes the most significant value of our firm. Our main effort is to provide them with professional development through continuous internal and outsourced trainings. Our firm aspires to contribute to the development of its staff in every way with its implemented working ethics and principles and the social responsibility that it displays.



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